Women Build 2016

Courtney Burkhardt was born in Queens, New York. She started elementary school in New York, but moved with her mother to South Florida, where she hoped to find a more affordable cost of living and better schools. They found Martin County and fell in love with Stuart and have lived here for 17 years.

Courtney is a full time mom, living with her two children in a small apartment in South Stuart. Her son Harlon, is six and in kindergarten at Seawind Elementary School. Her daughter Haylen, is four and in preschool at Gertrude Walden Childcare Center.

Courtney works as a bookkeeper for a small impact window and door company located in Stuart. She has been with the company for three years. Prior to this she worked eight years for Ruby Tuesday in Palm City. She continues to pursue a degree in social work.

She and her family are members of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Palm City.

For hobbies, the family prefers to be outdoors and especially near the water. They spend their summer weekends at the pool or the beach. Harlon does judo and plays T-ball while Haylen loves gymnastics.

Courtney heard about the Habitat for Humanity Homeownership Program through Daniel Boring, a Habitat employee. She researched what Daniel told her, found out about other families that Habitat had helped and talked with her children’s grandmother to ask her advice. She was surprised to find that her children’s grandmother had obtained her home through the Habitat Homeownership Program.

She knew that as her children grew they would need more living space and, with rent prices climbing, her options were limited. After looking into the program and hearing about other successful Habitat homeowners she was willing to take all the necessary steps to try to get a home for her family.  She felt this might solve many of her problems and be a perfect fit for her. Courtney filled out the application to see what would happen and months later, she was approved for a home.

Courtney wants to give back to her community for all that she has received by volunteering her services and teaching her children the importance of hard work and how it can help them achieve their personal goals.

Courtney says, “I feel very grateful to be approved for a home. It means that I can give my children a sense of stability and a home big enough to grow up in and to make many wonderful memories. For myself, it means having a sense of independence and something I can call my own. I am looking forward to a time when we won’t have to move anymore. Our home will be something to build on and my children will finally have a place they can call home.”

Women Build 2015

Abraham and Maria Perez each came to the United States with their parents from different cities in Mexico. They call Indiantown there hometown because they have lived there for over 20 years.

On March 22, 2007 Abraham and Maria married and they have four children, Diana 13, J.R. 8, Luis 6, and Leonardo 5. Diana attends Indiantown Middle School. Her siblings attend Warfield Elementary where Diana volunteers in the extended day program.

Maria has worked for the Martin County School District in Indiantown for nine years. For the last five years she has worked for the Parent Resource Center as a member of the support staff. Abraham has worked for Terracon Landscaping Services for the past four years.

Abraham and Maria have extended family in Indiantown. Her sister lives in a Habitat home that will be out her back door and three houses down and her mother and father live very close to Carter Park. The family likes to get together for cookouts and trips to the beach. They are members of Indiantown Holy Cross Catholic Church.

Maria and a coworker volunteer for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. They act as mentors for girls who face adversity. They support their little sisters with whatever their needs are.

Maria and Marcos say “Having volunteers to help build our home is such a warm feeling to know there are still people who are willing to lend a hand to other even for people they do not know. Our family feels blessed to have a home built with kindness and we are very happy to have a house to call our home.  THANK YOU to all who made it possible”.

Women Build 2014

The McIntyre Family
Regina McIntyre has lived in Indiantown all her life. She was born and raised on the street next to Carter Park. She likes living in Indiantown near her family and friends. Regina is the youngest sibling in her family. She was the first in her family to obtain a college degree and last to own her own home.
She graduated from South Fork High School and has been pursuing advanced education ever since. She obtained an Associate’s Degree from Indian River State College (IRSC) in Early Childhood Education in 2011. That same year she continued her education by attending Florida Gulf Coast University in St. Petersburg Department of Social Work and graduated with her Family Development Credential. But she didn’t stop there; she is now enrolled in the Bachelor’s Degree program at IRSC in Human Services.
Regina has three sons, Antonio, 16; Anquone, 8; and Anqualin, 4. Her free time is spent helping with homework and attending various sporting practices and events with her boys. She loves taking them to the movies and spending quality time together; making memories with her sons is what is most important to her. She and her boys are very proud to be active members of Mount Zion Missionary Institutional Baptist Church.
Regina works at the East Coast Migrant Head Start Project as the Family Service Coordinator.  She also speaks some Spanish, which helps her communicate with the families. Regina enjoys working with the families helping them to become advocates for themselves and their children.
Regina found out about Habitat through two of our homeowners, Samika Jackson and Janet Rosado. Janet encouraged her to complete the application process.
She is excited about becoming a Habitat partner family and becoming a homeowner. She is ecstatic to be taking part in helping to build her own home and the home of others, as well as becoming a lifetime partner with Habitat’s volunteers and staff.
"Becoming a homeowner is absolutely a dream come true," said Regina. "It means everything to me and my three boys to have a place called HOME. It means stability, a safe space and new beginnings. It will be our safe haven and a place to enjoy each other and build lifetime memories together."
Regina believes the love a mother has for her sons is unconditional. She would like to give special thanks to Sonia Snyder for her constant motivation and encouragement during times when she felt a little overwhelmed and wanted just to give up due to her busy schedule at home, school and work.