Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2019-20

Executive Committee

Dennis Fadden - President

Dan Brady- Past President

Michele Chardt - Vice President

Jamie Irvine - First Vice President

Stephen Okiye - Treasurer

Mike England - Secretary


Dan Braden

Michele Chardt

John Cherveny

Mary Gilmour

Arthur Kitchens

Taryn Kryzda

Rick Mancil

Scott Parkman

Jeff Sabin

Robert Simpkins

Sherri Westervelt

Kevin Sargent

H.B. Warren

Past Presidents

George Bozone
Howard Griffen
David Cleveland
Bill Hollinger
Janet Deckert
Marty Miller
Dr. LaBarbara Gragg Chenault
Stephen H. Pitkin
Michael Houston
Patrick J. LaConte
Robert Roy, M.D.
Paul Magnuson
Dan Brady 



Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, social distancing guidelines and state regulations, we ask that all ReStore customers wear protective face coverings while shopping in either of our stores. Please limit touching items to those you intend to purchase. 
ReStore donation pickups will begin Monday, June 8 on a limited basis, with some new contact-free rules in place. Please call (772) 223-9940 for donation pickup options. Deliveries are still halted at this point. If you have an item you purchased prior to the quarantine that is on hold at one of the stores, you are more than welcome to arrange your own method of delivery in the meantime.
 In an overabundance of caution, we are still not accepting volunteers in either of the ReStores or on the construction sites until further notice.

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