Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative


We are a Neighborhood Revitalization Participating Affiliate!

Did you know there are more than 1,500 Habitat For Humanity affiliates in the U.S., and less than 250 have a Neighborhood Revitalization  (NRI) program?

NRI helps families escape from unsafe and unhealthy living conditions. NRI services could include painting, landscaping, and/or critical home repairs to qualified homeowners in our service area. 

By expanding the scope of our rehabilitation efforts, our goal is to assist existing homeowners within identified communities who are unable to complete necessary repairs on their own homes. The initiative is designed to support low-income family home ownership and enhance community development. We improve the quality of life for the homeowner and develop a connection for further revitalization efforts within the same neighborhood.

NRI Solutions include:

  • Community Development
  • New Construction
  • Rehabilitation
  • Weatherization
  • Preservation

Community Development

As we collaborate with our government and community partners to address appropriate projects and NRI housing solutions, our wish is that partnerships will form within neighborhoods to assist in this work. We want to see residents become more invested in their own neighborhood.

New Home Construction                                         

Through NRI work, HFHMC will work to build new homes in targeted neighborhoods.


This program helps eliminate blight as cities and counties partner with HFHMC to purchase and rehabilitate foreclosed homes.  These homes are then sold to a Habitat qualified family.


Energy costs can become a severe cost burden for struggling homeowners. HFHMC anticipates that some of the residents will need to address their homes energy efficiency. Projects may include replacing windows, sealing air leaks, improving insulation, replacement or repair of appliances, heating and air conditioning units and water fixtures.


The objective of this popular and volunteer friendly program is to serve low-income homeowners who struggle to maintain the exterior of their homes. Short term projects involve: landscaping, trash removal, painting, repairing steps, minor roof repair, building wheelchair ramps, etc.

Investment of homeowners

Just like the new home construction program, all homeowners will invest their time (sweat equity) and financial resources (pay back) to partner in each NRI project. The homeowner will have a promissory note to cover a portion of the project costs with affordable monthly payments. This will also help develop a sustainable program to serve more!




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